Amy Toner is a dance artists, choreographer, teacher and facilitator. Her practise is committed to making the arts accessible to all, where she believes that anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and disability should have the access and experience the transformative nature of the arts. She is passionate about bringing people together through creativity and physically, where she believes that dance is a fun and therapeutic mode of expression, which encourages intimate interaction and communication.  


Her choreographic work spans dance, theatre, installation, live art and often involves work with diverse communities. She creates multi-sensory, accessible and community driven performances, that draws upon real life stories and wider social-political commentaries. A central theme in her artistic practice is exploring how the senses operate in performance, in particular the senses of smell, taste and touch.


Amy’s choreographic work has been shown nationally and internationally including; Royal Academy of Arts, Brighton Dome, The Stedelijk Museum, Mediamatic Amsterdam Amsterdam and the Towner Art Gallery.


Amy graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance from the University of Chichester, before obtaining an MA in Contemporary Dance from the London School of Contemporary Dance.


Choreographic History 


2020: The Imagination Room – Commissioned by the Library Presents, Cambridgeshire Council.


2020: The Garden and Blue - Both commissioned by Royal Academy of the Arts


2019: Access Art Night – Commissioned by the Royal Academy of the Arts


2019: The Existential Disco and The Garden – Both commissioned by Royal Academy of the Arts


2019: Beneath Her Eyes – Both commissioned by Sussex Dance Network, performed at The Brighton Dome.


2018: Beneath Her Eyes – Commissioned by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.


2018: Exploring Colour – Performance project, focusing on the theme of friendship, with children ages 3-6, performed at Longshaw Primary School.


2018: Residency Mediamatic Amsterdam.


2018: [Title] – Premiere at The Place. A community blindfolded dance performance, for both visually impaired and sighted audience members.


2017: OpNo.10– – Premiere at The Place, London School of Contemporary Dance. Recently performance with Young Blood Collective, London. The piece explores the politics of making the body beautiful.


2017: The Goddess of Chocolate – Premiere at The Place and performed at the Blue Elephant Theatre. The work Is a performance about the history of women and chocolate.


2016: Uncemented Roots – Commissioned by Eastbourne Towner Art Gallery.  A performance in collaboration with dancer Jonathan Mewett in response to sculptor Siobhan Hapaska’s installation Intifada (2016).


2016: BEE-ING– Commissioned by Mediamatic Amsterdam. A performance exploring the use of scent in performance.


2015: William Gear: Lost, Forgotten, found – Commissioned by Eastbourne Towner Art Gallery. A performance in response to the exhibition, ‘William Gear, 1915-1997: The Painter that Britain Forgot’.


2012: To Reminisce– Exploring the connections between movement, memory and voice, in St Margaret’s Care Home.




2019-2020: Early years dance practitioner in Puffin Community Nursery with South East dance.


2019: Seated dance sessions for vulnerable adults at Pembroke House.


2018-Current: Adults Contemporary Dance Teacher at Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.


2018-Current: Yoga, Mindfulness, PPA, fitness and Dance Teacher at Smithy Street Primary School


2018-Current: Early Stages Teacher, teaching dance, drama and singing at Chingford and Woodford Stagecoach Theatre School. 


2019: Family and early years dance, art and music workshop, ‘Music to my Ears’ at The Royal Academy of Arts.


2019-2019:  Mindfulness, PPA,  Afterschool dance Marion Richardson Primary School.


2012:  Activity Assistant, responsible for providing activities for the residents including dance, fitness and reminiscent sessions at St Margret’s Care Home.