Performers and Collaborators: Bethany Edwards, Natalie Russett, Flavien Cornilleau, Théïa Maldoom, Ruben Brown, Yasmine Lindskog, Maroula lliopoulou, Monika Szpunar, Erena Reilent, Alexandra Saltaoura


Lighting Designer: Alex Fernandes

Dramaturg: Frank Bock 


Choreography, Concept and Direction: Amy Toner


Premiere: The Place Theatre, London 



[Title] (2018), is a re-imaging of the pre-existing notion that choreography is a form to be viewed. In this blindfolded performance, you are invited to enter a choreography of imagination, sensation and creation where performance exists in a space between the offered sensory stimuli and your imagination. [Title] requires you to be audience, performer and thinker - you are the creator.


The  explores the politics of spectatorship by challenging the audience to experience a predominantly visual performance form through the non-visual senses


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